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Calculate compound interest, simple interest, growth rate in simple mathematics.Actuary Assignment Help Homework Help, Actuary Assignment Help Finance Assignment,. compound interest financial economies and present value for the future.

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In this assignment, you will use this formula to explore the affect that compound interest can have over a period of time and at different interest rates.Consider the formula we used to determine the future value of our deposit.In this formula, P(t) represents the total money in the account after t years given the interest rate k which is compounded continuously.

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If the rates be p%, q%, r% during first year, second year and third year, then Amount after 3 years.

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With Compound Interest, you work out the interest for the first period, add it to the total.The compound interest and simple interest on the same sum at the same rate remains the same for first payable period.

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In other words, at what time would your initial deposit double in value.

Some key compound interest homework help service essay for national honor society words are underlined.Lesson on compound interest explains how the powerful force of exponential growth can be applied to money and financial investments.The aim of this xxxxx xx to xxxxxxx the affect that xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx can have xxxx x period xx xxxx xxx xx different xxxxxxxx xxxxxx.

Compound interest is basically interest paid on a deposit that continually accumulates interest.In general, xxx xxxxxxx for xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxx xx represented by the xxxxxxxxx exponential function.

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The amount after maturity period is double to the investment is.

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P is the present value, or how much you have saved right now. r is the interest rate, expressed as a decimal (.05 for 5%,.12 for 12% etc). n is the number of years the money will earn interest.Is this formula a realistic approximation of what we could expect from an investment or are there other issues or factors that must be considered.

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