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Maslow argues that there were five main categories of needs, which were arranged in a hierarchy.

When foods or products have been recalled we rely on communication by reading news papers and listening to the news.This explains why people in war torn regions will still attempt to plant crops in former minefields: the food is a more pressing need than their own safety.In addition, Maslow argued that the nature of this need is such that it can never be fully satisfied, as people can always strive to better themselves and reach a higher level of achievement.

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The first needs to be fulfilled were physiological needs, followed by security needs, social needs, esteem needs and finally the need for self-actualization.


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Once a person has fulfilled these social needs, they begin to desire esteem needs.Maslow s hierarchy of needs Abraham Maslow Fundamental human needs Psychology Maslow.

Once the physiological needs were met, people would next consider their security, and the extent to which they were safe from any harm.

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Hersey and Blanchard worked on situational leadership model in 1970.

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Maslow hierarchy of needs essay - Top affordable and professional academic writing help.Instead, managers must find other needs that their employees possess, and look link performance to the satisfaction of these needs.This report will concentrate on the similarities and differences between Maslows theory and Hersey Blanchards situational leadership module.

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Through examinations of people who Maslow believed to be exemplary, such as Albert Einstein and Eleanor Roosevelt, Maslow claimed that people would only be motivated to perform to their fullest extent if their higher order needs would be fulfilled by said performance.Pradio (2011) evaluated the importance of Abraham Maslows theory in project.Physiological needs are the most basic requirements of human existence, such as food, water and rest.In the beginning, the introduction will offer a history and background of these two theories.

Read this Philosophy Research Paper and over 87,000 other research documents.Moreover, the reader will be also introduced some successful applications by these two theories.