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A general reference is a citation to a reliable source that supports content, but is not linked to any particular piece of material in the article through an inline citation.A citation for an image from a published source requires, at minimum, the creator of the image and the source of the image.Citations are often omitted from the lead section of an article, insofar as the lead summarizes information for which sources are given later in the article, although quotations and controversial statements, particularly if about living persons, should be supported by citations even in the lead.

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This is especially helpful when the cited text is long or dense.

Citations are not used on disambiguation pages (sourcing for the information given there should be done in the target articles).Examples of notes are followed by shortened versions of citations to the same source. see chapters 18 and 19 of Turabian.As noted above under What information to include, it is helpful to include hyperlinks to source material, when available.Find examples of APA format for online journal, online documents and more.When using manual links it is easy to introduce errors such as duplicate anchors and unused references.

For example: Retrieved 15 July 2011 or you can use the accessdate parameter in the automatic Wikipedia:refToolbar 2.0 editing window feature.

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Broadly, a citation is a reference to a published or unpublished source (not always the original source).Inline citations allow the reader to associate a given bit of material in an article with the specific reliable source(s) that support it.

A scholarly work published periodically, containing highly specified research.Do not add other facts or assertions into a fully cited paragraph or sentence.Listed below is the information that a typical inline citation or general reference will provide, though other details may be added as necessary.The number and diversity of citation styles reflect different.A general reference is a citation that supports content, but is not linked to any particular piece of material in the article through an inline citation.A citation ideally includes a link or ID number to help editors locate the source.The Sun is pretty big (Miller 2005, p. 1), but the Moon is not so big (Brown 2006, p. 2). The Sun is also quite hot (Miller 2005, p. 3).For an image or other media file, details of its origin and copyright status should appear on its file page.An inline citation should follow the attribution, usually at the end of the sentence or paragraph in question.

Inline references can significantly bloat the wikitext in the edit window and can become difficult and confusing.A quotation allows readers to immediately identify the applicable portion of the reference.Do not delete a citation merely because the URL is not working.Any method that is consistent with the existing citation style (if any) may be used, or consensus can be sought to change the existing style.

Ask other editors for help finding the reference somewhere else, including the user who added the reference.Citations to different pages or parts of the same source can also be combined (preserving the distinct parts of the citations), as described in the previous section.

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This is not necessary for inline parenthetical references, as these appear directly inline in the article prose.Please combine precisely duplicated full citations, in keeping with the existing citation style (if any).A full citation fully identifies a reliable source and, where applicable, the place in that source (such as a page number) where the information in question can be found.A citation should allow you to locate the source and to judge the quality of the source.APA (American Psychological Association) style is most commonly used to cite sources within the social sciences.

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Template:Ref info, which can aid evaluating what kind of citation style was used to write the article.How to cite BOOKS, eBOOKS, CHAPTERS Search this Guide Search. MLA Book Citation.Capitalize only the first letter of the first word or any proper nouns.